Two Miami Hurricanes named ACC 10 the most impactful conversions

Miami Hurricanes edge rusher Mitchell Agod and linebacker Caleb Johnson, who both transferred from UCLA during the 2022 season were the name of the thing Posted by Mike Hugginen of On3 in the article Transfer Gate Breakdown: Predict the 10 Most Impactful Transfers in ACC.Agude and Johnson are both expected starters.

Agude and Johnson Project with Miami Hurricanes beginning in 2022. Agude provides Miami with a sequential edge experience and adds depth. Johnson is expected to help Miami upgrade what an inexperienced LB has been playing for the past two seasons. Agude and Johnson have been freshmen for several years at UCLA.

The list surprisingly excluded Miami Hurricanes defensive lineman Achim Messidor, who moved from West Virginia. Messidor could start for Miami as a solid payer for the finest. Miami will have faith with Messidor’s ability to play indoors, too. Agude has started 15 of UCLA’s 19 games in the past two seasons.

Johnson has played 18 games with seven participants in the last two seasons. After playing inside left-back LB at UCLA at 3-4, Johnson is expected to start in the middle of the 4-3 defense for Miami in 2022. Johnson had 89 tackles, seven for losing, 5.5 sacks, three breakout passes, and one stumble recovering In two seasons at the University of California.

8. Miami LP Caleb Johnson
the detailsTransfer from the University of California
meaty: Caleb Johnson – one of the seven transfer defenders who see concrete time for hurricanes this fall – is an important springboard for the transition. The Miami players were affected last season, when Hurricane(s) were inconsistent with running.

In its seven wins in 2021, Miami allowed 108.4 yards to lunge per game and 3.5 yards per carry; In his five losses… he was 181.8 and 4.3. The midfielders also didn’t make many big plays. With new defensive coordinator Kevin Steele now in charge, Johnson should be able to help change that.

Miami is Johnson’s fourth school. He signed with Fullerton College (California) out of high school, then spent a season in Texas before transferring to UCLA in 2020. He was a regular starter for two years with the Bruins who had 89 tackles and eight tackles to lose in his two seasons. “

Ajoud will compete to play with returnees from Miami, Jahfri Harvey, Shantz Williams and Messidor. In two seasons at UCLA, Agude has been a force for UCLA in the past two seasons, but is likely to receive more playing time with Miami. Hogginen best summed up what Miami needs from him in 2022.

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3. Miami Edge Mitchell’s finest
the detailsTransfer from the University of California
meaty: Mitchell Agod earned the All-Pac-12 Second Team Honor last season, when he had 54 tackles, two tackles, 6.5 tackles for a loss and four forced tackles. He had nine losing tackles and three mandatory fouls in seven games in 2020, his first season with Bruyne after his transfer from Junior College.

Miami needs the finest to be a steady presence off the edge: the Hurricanes didn’t bring back anyone who had more than three sacks last season. New coordinator Kevin Steele has retooled Miami’s defense over the holiday season, and she believes it will offer some way to a better release.”

Ajoud and Johnson are the most recent transfers to Miami from UCSD. Miami is building a pipeline to Westwood. Jilan Phillips earned the All-American on the second team in 2020 after moving from UCLA to Miami in January 2019. Miami can initiate up to five transfers in the Hurricanes 2022 defense.

In addition to Agoud, Johnson and Messidor, Cornbucks, Daryl Porter Jr. has moved to Miami from West Virginia and Terek Stephenson joined the Hurricanes from Georgia in the 2021 draft as the start of 2022. Miami signed 11 transfer deals ahead of the 2022 season. Running back Henry Parrish of Mississippi State will also play a role Major.