TikTok’s pink sauce has taken over the internet. What’s going on?

TikTok Chef Pii creator (@chef.pii) is the connoisseur behind a mysterious pink sauce that has taken over the internet, infiltrating both rhetoric and memes. The saga is as ambiguous as the so-called sauce, one that Internet investigators and users alike have called into question. what’s going?

pink sauce fever

TikTok chef has started promoting pink sauce sometime in junegradually releasing a series of videos featuring the sauce and trying it with different foods and Package Width. The sauce is $20 and I quickly went crazy. But that is largely due to Chef Pii Refused to share how exactly the sauce tasted. She often had other reviewers do this, but she provided coded answers herself.

The sauce’s ambiguity and true flavor have prompted commentators to dig deeper: the questions ran from “what exactly is it?” to “What herbs are in pink sauce?”. People are also starting to point out that the color of the sauce changes with each new video. From millennial pink to Barbie’s color, the sauce has never appeared consistent, according to the website.

In late June, Chef B . was released Tik Tok addresses this concern, by adding different colors to the respective lighting in each video clip. A day later, she said Ingredients revealed Inside the sauce, he posted a graphic showing each: dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, chili and garlic.

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Food labels – and mistakes

originator Tweet embed He raised more questions yesterday, delving into the Pink Sauce saga and releasing it multipleAnd the Hinge Videos about creating the sauce and the drama that followed. TikTokker called “Pink Sauce Lady” because there are errors in its food label and how hard it is to spot the label on her website.

They also said that “there are not enough preservatives” inside the sauce “to make the shelf stable”, or Foods that can be kept safely in the pantry For at least a year without the need to cook or refrigerate them.

TikTokkersseaansvv speaking in front of a food poster.

Credit: Screenshot: TikTok /sseaansvv.

In the caption to his second video, Sean SVV wrote, “I honestly root it for a license, fix the labels, fix any bugs and then sell – legally.”

tik toker Tweet embed also posted Same day videoindicating that the serving size per container is unrealistic and indicating that the label does not indicate that the sauce needs to be refrigerated.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers of clothing and spices to obtain them Register a food establishment. Standards set by the Food and Drug Administration Includes labeling, testing methodology, manufacturing practices, and scientific protocols. In April 2022, Instructions for Nutrition Facts Labeling on Food and Beverage Products It was first updated in 20 years. Meal size is Among the naming updates. The FDA is now emphasizing the information in a larger, bolder font, and requiring the number to “better reflect the amount that people eat and drink today.”

However, the Food and Drug Administration It does not have pre-market approval for food products.

Follow these videos – and the consequent internet mania – Chef B She addressed her followers in a video Under the heading “We are working to solve problems”.

Chef B with a food label for her pink sauce.

Credit: Screenshot: TikTok/@chef.pii.

She apologized for label errors (“I’m only human”), and stressed that food labels will be fixed for all bottles of sauce purchased in the future. She also said that she appreciates the support the sauce has received, that she is running a small business, and that she is trying to bring down the price of the sauce.

The food label is easy too Available for viewing On her site now, which didn’t look like this before.

“Yes, we follow FDA standards,” she continued in the video, confirming that the product was still in “lab testing.” Chef Bai concluded by talking about her ambition to bring the sauce to the store.

Twitter memes keep coming

The internet has become somewhat obsessed with pink sauce over the past 24 hours. People post everything from memes to analysis, while others simply express a desire to try the sauce. on twitter, “pink sauce” Currently trending.

Even Netflix has posted about the sauce, becoming yet another brand to stay on top of viral (and random?) digital trends. The pink sauce has already taken over. It’s a testament to Trend cycle faster than ever Which we’re dealing with now – but also the convergence of the Internet with it Uncover “puzzles”no matter how small.

But the story does not end there.

Last week, Chef Pii took to Instagram Live, YouTube, and (of course) TikTok to address users’ concerns several times over the past week. to her 52 minute YouTube video It has more than 60,000 views. She also spoke to many media outlets, including BuzzfeedAnd the NBC And the The Washington Postdefending its innovations and discussing its newfound fame.

Notably, during its live session on InstagramShe said, “What do you mean by FDA approval? I don’t sell medicinal products. Pink sauce is not a medicinal product. Pink sauce does not contribute to your health.”

This response got Twitter excited again, causing this to happen “F in the FDA” for the direction via the app.

On July 27, an official email was sent to all Pink Sauce customers with new terms and conditions. according to viceThe email read, “Dear Pink Sauce supporters, we are working to overcome all issues. With the allegations and claims surrounding Pink Sauce, we want to take the time to ensure the safety of every customer. We are working meticulously to ensure we have no further delays in shipping.” .

Chef B continued, explaining that she is now collaborating with the Food and Drug Administration and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, saying she is waiting for official approval of the sauce and an update of the packaging to ensure “accuracy.”

Update: Jul 29, 2022 at 3:57pm EST Details of Chef Pi’s responses to social media and media have been added.