The key to digital transformation?

The world of the next generation of cutting edge technology is upon us.

5GThe The Internet of things (The Internet of things) , self-driving carsAnd the machine learning And the Artificial intelligence (AI) – These are not just science fiction predictions for the future. They are real. Cases of using these tools are already proliferating. (Also read: Top 20 AI Use Cases: AI in Healthcare.)

However, the technology framework is constantly evolving. As we develop applications, the infrastructure our applications run on is practically built and improved simultaneously. Even as we see the landscape Health CareAnd the educationAnd the GovernmentAnd the entertainment And more change with new possibilities every day, the world is still on the edge: waiting for a real transformation by unleashing the untapped potential of IT. A turning point, if you will.

So what will push us over the edge? It is about recognizing and improving the unsung hero of these developments: advanced data centers.

True, these utilities aren’t the brightest part of the tech ecosystem – they don’t generate hype from end-users like Virtual Reality Games They do – but they are the basis of this next frontier of IT. To access the full value of 5G, IoT, AI and other technologies, enterprises will be smart to start designing around the new data attractiondriven edge.

What is the attractiveness of data?

If you haven’t heard of it before data attraction By now, you’ve likely heard about gravity. It is a force of attraction that attracts things towards each other. When we add the word “data” into the mix, the definition doesn’t change much.

Data attractiveness is such a phenomenon in the IT infrastructure industry that it seems that some data centers have created an ecosystem that continues to attract value and provide more and more opportunities to tenants on an ongoing basis without much effort. The ecosystem is improving itself in some way – the flywheel creates its own momentum.

At the moment, edge is rich in data appeal, but not all edge data centers have this X factor. The attractiveness of data requires the right beginnings.

Why data attractiveness is essential for high-end data centers

Consider a data center in a tier 3 market compared to a high-end data center in a bull market in the middle of the United States.

The former is certainly a data center, but the capabilities of its connectivity ecosystem are disappointing. Tenants will benefit in some ways, but are trapped when it comes to stimulating long-term expansion and unlocking more tools for digital transformation and evolution. On the other hand, a geographically centralized data center in a bull market is a game changer. This facility still serves the edge (as opposed to major hubs like Ashburn or Silicon Valley), but since it’s the halfway point for routes from east to west and north to south, the businesses here will have plenty to choose from. These types of long-term benefits attract high-value companies and launch a data center ecosystem driven by the gravity of data.

Another way to find data appeal is to look for high-end data centers that double as a connectivity ecosystem – attracting the easily accessible benefits of Internet Exchange (IX) as well as the advantages of a co-location.

All high-end data centers and data centers offer connectivity as stakes in the table, but with IX in the mix, the data center becomes a vibrant ecosystem rich in opportunity and filled with low-cost connectivity resources. IXs continue to gain strength as strategic tools for expanding and managing network traffic, so they are an invaluable resource for maintaining local traffic – and the communities that make up them will continue to grow in size and importance.

Edge exit summary

In 2020 alone, research from McKinsey open That of 2,395 respondents surveyed across a full range of regions, industries, company sizes, job disciplines and periods, half said their organizations had adopted AI in at least one job. In 2021, Ericsson Forecasting He suggested that in 2022, 5G subscriptions will exceed a billion (a feat that has reached two years faster than 4G verb after introduction.)

This growing demand for next-generation applications is not news to most people. In fact, the story of IT moving to the edge of the network is old. It is now known that when the world calls for applications with low latency and high availability workloads, the solution moves data capture, computing and storage close to the point of generation. This allows faster Data transferMore flexible and portable Networksless response time And the cut off to the end-User experiences—All of them are of paramount importance to make 5G use cases work, some IoT applications and other similar opportunities.

Globalism digital business Looking for the next step. Many organizations realize that their future is on the edge of a precipice, and many are taking steps to make their mark to those new frontiers by using cutting-edge data centers, Internet exchange and other expansions of networks and infrastructure. However, many are looking for the secret sauce that makes cutting-edge strategies truly empowering – rather than just computing in a less centralized area. What will determine digital transformation Apart and making sure they are on the right track to get the most productive business results and customer convincing results? When does a data center stop being just another facility in a surprising location and begin to be a springboard to it future proof Transformation?

When 5G, IoT, AI, and other technologies are at stake, this connection is absolutely essential. How can organizations ensure that they don’t just store their IT equipment in a limited space?

It’s about the attractiveness of data. (Also read: Destroying silos using integrated data analytics platforms.)


to say edge digital transformation key It will be an accurate assessment. In a world where future applications are taking shape and experiences need to be more reliable and innovative than ever before, the edge is the only way to get there. But this is not the full picture.

When organizations think about 5G, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, they have to think about preference. And if they’re thinking about the edge, they should think about the attractiveness of data. This is the secret to getting the most out of your earnings and securing the future of IT – not just dumping it in an endpoint facility.

To find a high-end data center with data appeal, connectivity capabilities are a great indicator. Central data center locations, on-site IX or near, and news of a growing ecosystem are great measures of data attractiveness. These are the facilities to which forward-thinking organizations should entrust their IT.