The first part of The Last of Us must be played on PlayStation Plus

Our last part 1 It is one of the most prominent PlayStation 5 games that will be released this fall. It’s also one of the most controversial nicknames of the year.

Despite the praise associated with The Last of Us series, there is heated debate about New edition price $70which is more than the original version and Our last remastered Cost on release – although it lacks the multiplayer mode that comes with both. This situation has turned what should be a certified knockout for Sony into a divisive version, and Sony can fix it with one major change: Our last part 1 The title of the first day Playstation plus extra or premium.

This is not because Our last part 1 Not worth $70. In fact, his improved images and Huge amount of new accessibility features Clearly guarantee the price in the eyes of some. However, even advocates of the high price can recognize the controversy arising from charging ever more for a remake of a twice-released game. Our last part 1 In a difficult situation, being a PS Plus gamer should alleviate some of those concerns.

Why would being on PS Plus work

As The Last of Us is one of the most popular recent Sony franchises and He has a TV show on the wayIt’s understandable why Sony and developer Naughty Dog are eagerly waiting for a fresh version of The Last of Us Part 1 Store shelves at full price. However, those who bought the game twice already and weren’t impressed with the visual and accessibility fixes don’t seem compelled to pick up the game for the third time. Sony will remove this great barrier that he suffers from Our last part 1 By placing the game on a subscription service.

There are plenty of examples that show why it’s a wise idea. The Age of Empire Series Ultimate Edition Games Show how well reconfigurations work on subscription services. Several years after their original release, many players are still actively participating in the first three Age of Empire games. While interested players can still purchase the new releases individually, putting these games on Game Pass for PC on day one ensures that the community doesn’t have to pay full price for the game they’ve been playing every day. Instead, they can just get the new version with their subscription and continue.

Our last part 1 In a similar situation, even with the multiplayer content removed. This explains why the subscription service version can reduce some of the negative stigmas around the game. successful stray, which was included in PS Plus at launch, shows that PlayStation Plus games from day one can still generate a lot of positive buzz. The availability of the in-game subscription service ensures that the conversation remains on cute cats gameand not the fact that it was a $30 game and only lasted about five hours.

Sony has realized the power that PS Plus can have in games that have been cornered before. Destroy all stars It was originally a $70 PS5 launch title, but eventually launched as a PlayStation Plus game that was free to subscribers. despite Our last part 1 Looks like it’s going to be a better game than Destroy all starsDay 1 game makes more sense on PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra now than it did on PS Plus in February 2021.

Ellie pulls back a bow in The Last of Us Part 1 screenshot.

Despite all of these factors, Jim Ryan has made it clear that he doesn’t want AAA PlayStation Studios games on PlayStation Plus Premium or Extra on day one during Interview with the gaming industry.

“We feel we are in a good virtuous circle with the studios where investing is making success, allowing more investment, making more success,” Ryan said. “We love this course and we think our players love this course… We feel that if we were to do that with the games we make at PlayStation Studios, this virtuous cycle would be broken. The level of investment that we need to make in our studios will not be possible, and we think the impact The extra on the quality of the games we make is not going to be something the players will want.”

His argument makes sense from a business point of view, but data from Microsoft shows that people play more games (and games they might not have played initially) when they are available on the subscription service. Even if the judgment seems unfair, many people weigh the amount of new entertainment content the game offers for its price. Sony can’t really say whether Our last part 1 It’s worth $70, but she can turn the discussion in her favor by an act of goodwill.

Our last part 1 It will be released for PS5 on September 2, 2022.

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