Senate supports Finland and Sweden for NATO 95-1, scolded Russia

Washington (AFP) – US senators handed an overwhelming bipartisan approval of NATO membership to Finland and Sweden on Wednesday, calling the expansion of the Western defense bloc a “death blow” to US national security and a day of reckoning for Russian President Vladimir Putin over his invasion. Ukraine. A vote of 95-1 on Wednesday — … Read more

EPA: Chemical in medical device cleaner poses cancer risk

Washington – The Environmental Protection Agency is warning residents who live near medical sterilization plants in 13 states and Puerto Rico About the possibilities health Emissions hazards of ethylene oxide, a chemical widely used in its operations. Laredo, Texas; Ardmore, Oklahoma; The Environmental Protection Agency said Lakewood, Colorado, is among the communities facing the highest … Read more

New legislation to monitor cryptocurrency arrives as industry shakes | Health, medicine and fitness

Written by Fatima Hussein and Ken Sweet – The Associated Press Washington (AFP) – A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday proposed a bill to regulate cryptocurrency, the latest attempt by Congress to craft ideas on how to oversee a multibillion-dollar industry. Price collapse And the Lenders halt operations. The regulations introduced by Senate Agriculture … Read more

Jonathan Neese and Bo Negrin bid for Navajo presidency | Health, medicine and fitness

Written by FELICIA FONSECA – Associated Press FLAGSTAFF, Arizona (AP) – Voters from the Navajo Nation will see familiar faces in the tribe’s general election: their current chief and a former vice presidential candidate, both of whom were on the ballot in 2018. President Jonathan Nez and Beau Negren garnered the most votes in Tuesday’s … Read more

Explainer: an attempt to prevent the merger of books fighting competition

Washington (AFP) – At a time of mega-mergers and high-tech company buy-outs, the plan of the largest US book publisher to buy the fourth-largest company for just $2.2 billion may seem a little strange. But the deal is such a major test of the Biden administration’s antitrust policy that the Justice Department is calling an … Read more

Red Cross requests entry to Ukraine prison after death of prisoners of war

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – Russia has launched nighttime attacks on several Ukrainian cities, Ukrainian officials said Saturday, with Moscow and Moscow blaming each other for the deaths of dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war in a separatist-held region in the east of the country. The International Red Cross requested a visit to the prison to … Read more

Navy speeds up waterborne drones to bridge gap with China

In the face of a growing threat from China, the Navy envisions drone ships monitoring enemy forces across the vast Pacific Ocean, expanding the range of firepower, and keeping sailors out of harm’s way. The Navy is accelerating the development of these robotic ships as an affordable way to keep pace with China’s growing fleet … Read more

Asian stocks rose mostly after the rally on Wall Street | Health, medicine and fitness

By YURI KAGEYAMA – AP . Business Writer TOKYO (AP) – Asian stocks rose mostly on Friday after a broad rally on Wall Street, but the main index in Hong Kong fell more than 2%. Investors seem to have become more convinced that The Federal Reserve may ease Sharp interest rate increases are aimed at … Read more

Complications of isolation? The United States finds it difficult to avoid Russia

Washington (Associated Press) – The Biden administration likes to say that Russia has become isolated internationally over its invasion of Ukraine. However, senior officials in Moscow are rarely reclusive in the Kremlin. And now, even the United States wants to talk. President Vladimir Putin is meeting world leaders, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose … Read more

US official says Biden and Xi could meet in person | Health, medicine and fitness

By Chris Mejerian, Zeke Miller, and Elaine Knickler – Associated Press A senior US administration official said after the two leaders spent more than two hours Thursday talking about the future of their complex relationship, with the tension clearing up. Taiwan It reappears as a flash point. Biden made the phone call from the Oval … Read more