The Fed is about to further shrink the balance sheet. It may become suspicious.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, appearing during a post-meeting press conference late last month, suggested that the balance sheet contraction could last up to two and a half years. Drew Angerer / Getty Images font size There is a fair amount of confusion about quantitative tightening, or QT, the Federal Reserve’s effort to shrink its … Read more

Opinion: Bear Market Grief: How to Maintain a Sense of Financial Control in Turbulent Times.

Between pandemic shutdowns, health concerns, controversial politics, and hyperinflation with soaring prices, many US investors may feel they are losing control of their situation. Add to that a bear market for stocks, with a potential recession looming. To stay flexible, we can focus on taking care of our physical, mental and financial health – and … Read more

Financial markets may see a three-month series of inflation readings of 8.8% starting next week, adding to the “bad news”

The most knowledgeable financial market inflation traders expect a series of annual key consumer price readings in the US of approximately 8.8% over the next three months, starting with the August 10 release of July data. While such readings will be lower than in June 9.1% reading Supporting the theory that inflation may have peaked … Read more

Asian stocks rose mostly after the rally on Wall Street | Health, medicine and fitness

By YURI KAGEYAMA – AP . Business Writer TOKYO (AP) – Asian stocks rose mostly on Friday after a broad rally on Wall Street, but the main index in Hong Kong fell more than 2%. Investors seem to have become more convinced that The Federal Reserve may ease Sharp interest rate increases are aimed at … Read more

As Twitter rethinks its footprint in San Francisco, a bigger $9 billion question hangs over the city’s office market

Twitter Inc. developed Its large San Francisco office footprint is under review for downsizing on Wednesday, and it canceled the opening of an office in Oakland, California, a person familiar with the matter said. This move casts a shadow over the future of social media Stylish headquarters in San Franciscoa 1.1 million square foot memorial … Read more

Stock exchanges face their worst nightmare as EU ticker bar gets support – Politico

Across Europe, stock exchanges’ biggest fears may come true as an ambitious strip-tape scheme gains momentum in Brussels. Stock markets are resisting calls for a “single bar” that would create a price feed for stock trades across the EU’s disparate trading venues. They fear that the tape could eat up profitable returns from trading data … Read more