Climate change: impacts on wildlife

Florida – There is a beautiful world of intricate ecosystems intertwined endlessly under the waters of the ocean. Now, experts say the delicate equilibrium has been interrupted by rising tides and temperatures for climate change. Florida has the third largest barrier reef in the world. Many people don’t realize this. Along our South Atlantic Coast, … Read more

Here’s Why Recycling Sometimes Ends Up in Tucson Landfill | local news

After a Tucson-area resident shared on the Nextdoor app hearing that the company that picks up the recycling takes it to the landfill, without trying to recycle it, several neighbors replied that they would cancel their service. Is the rumor true? The answer is, it depends. A survey of businesses in eastern Pima County outside … Read more

How SolarEdge plans to increase market share in Europe

Solar Edge Shares fell this week after the company’s shares fell Second Quarter Results Showed that margins from factory closures, higher transportation costs, and currency headwinds from a weaker euro were hurting. But SolarEdge Chief Financial Officer Ronin Fire said lower margins now are the price to pay for long-term growth in a market where … Read more

Wrightsville Beach renovation project reveals hundreds of thousands of tires in the ocean ::

By Liz McLaughlin, WRAL Climate Change Correspondent Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Wrightsville Beach’s shrinking shoreline is in dire need of sand. “We can’t move ocean rescue vehicles from Point A to Point B in some places, because there isn’t enough beach,” Mayor Daryl Mills said. Rebuilding, which usually occurs every three years, is behind schedule. … Read more