Salaries for Wisconsin football coaches are hitting a new high this season | college football

University of Wisconsin football coaching salaries will exceed $10.44 million before post-season bonuses this year.

The coaches’ salaries were handed over to the State Journal via an open records request after compensation changes were made to a few Paul Chryst’s assistant coaches on July 1. 2004, surpassing its previous high of less than $10.04 million in 2019-20.

Chryst is set at $5.25 million After receiving a raise before last seasonThe State Journal reported earlier this year that defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard received a More than 50% increase This winter to raise his salary to 1.5 million dollars. offensive coordinator Bobby Engram will get 1 million dollars On his salary in his freshman year at the UW.

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Offensive line coach and running coordinator Bob Bostad is The highest-paid coordinator at $625,000. Bostad’s base salary from the university is $500,000, but he signed an additional compensation agreement with the UW Foundation for $125,000 a year.

Bobby April III, the Badgers quarterback coach, also signed a deal with the UW Foundation that will pay him $100,000 over the next two seasons in addition to his $350,000 salary. April was interviewed for the defensive coordinator position in Michigan in February, then signed his new contract at UW a week later. April is likely to be approached for the defensive coordinator’s chances this season as he has extracted the talent of the NFL and shown he is a strong recruiter for the UW.

Defensive line coach Ross Kolodzig receives a 12% increase to $375,000, while CornerBricks coach Hank Poetit will receive $215,000, and a $50,000 purchase has been added to his contract. Al Johnson, former UW coach and now linebacker coach, will make $275,000 to replace the late Gary Brown.

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Chris Hayring’s salary fell after he was transferred from special teams coordinator to tight coach. Chryst chose not to have a special teams coordinator and split these tasks among the assistants. Haering will earn $350,000 after making over $400,000 last season.

Former head coach Mickey Turner has been named head of recruiting for the program this off-season, which has led to a significant drop in pay. He will earn $150,000 after making nearly $230,000 last season. but, Chryst gave Turner an additional $55,000 in reward On top of his allotted share of $22,500 after the Las Vegas Bowl last season. The move indicates that Turner’s shift to the hiring and pay cuts division that came with it was already in the works, and Kristof was doing what he could to make up for the difference.

The UW has not announced Turner’s surname, but his job acceptance letter indicates his work title as a football hiring manager. Former UW personnel manager Saeed Khalif earned $100,000 at UW before leaving for Michigan State and a starting salary of $150,000 in June 2021.