Roto Riteup: July 29, 2022

This was so much fun to watch

Until you realize how it started:

Within the agenda:

  1. Sleeper and the Bust DK مسابقة Competition
  2. COVID issues
  3. Trades (and rumors)!
  4. quick beats
  5. Various news and notes
  6. running pitchers

Sleeper and the Bust DK مسابقة Competition

Most Tuesdays, Fridays, and some other days, Paul Sporer and I will do work 5 dollar kings game for anyone interested. A link will be added as soon as it becomes available.

COVID issues

Andrew Chavin has been placed on the banned list as the Tigers play a series in Toronto. Should be back as soon as the tigers are back in the US.

Trades (and rumors)!
Royal Andrew Benintende was traded to the Yankees on Wednesday in exchange for three minor followers. Benentende has been strongly associated with the Yankees for a while, but there has been some concern that his vaccination status could prevent him from making it to the Bronx due to his inability to play in Toronto in the regular season and possibly the playoffs. However, soon after the trade was announced, there were reports that he intended to vaccinate after the trade. Once in New York on Thursday, he denied those reports, but stated that he was open to receiving a vaccination and that “we will cross that bridge when we get to it.”

According to John Heyman, the Yankees are shopping for Joey Gallo for multiple teams, but haven’t found a suitable offer yet. That’s no surprise because Gallo has been terrible this season which allows me to share some of my tweets from yesterday:

Tyler Naquin was traded to the Mets on Thursday for Philip Dale. Naquin probably won’t gain extra playing time in New York and just a platoon bat moving forward will be the best use of DFS.

quick beats

Tyler Wells was laid down on IL with lateral discomfort. This definitely sounds like a dreaded tilt injury that usually takes 4-6 weeks to come back from. This makes it dropable into most shapes.

George Springer left Thursday’s game with elbow pain. Seems like this was a precaution, but take it day in and day out for now.

Max Mayer will have Tommy John surgery. This is a big problem as Meyer has just arrived at Majors. He will likely miss out on the whole of 2023 and look forward to a comeback in 2024.

Cory Seeger left Thursday’s game with a bruised leg after contaminating the field with his leg. Take it day in and day out for now.

Various news and notes

Brady Singer threw seven goal-free innings, allowing only one hit and a walk as he shot 10 in a no-go decision for the Yankees.

Brady continues to make strides despite being a two-pitch man. He had a 48% inhalation rate on the slider and had 20 strokes with the plunger. Most importantly, the command and control were both impeccable versus one of the best offenses in baseball. He probably still needs a long period of third court and needs to be able to harness his stuff regularly, but this is a great example of what it looks like when he does.

Spencer Howard threw five goalless innings against the Angels, allowing three hits and walks while hitting five in the victory.

That was a great streak for Howard, but it wasn’t an overly impressive start. Howard threw 55% of the fastballs and 37% of the breakers and really struggled with it, but the Angels are so exhausted, they never took advantage of that. I love Howard as a throwing wrestler because of his clean mechanic, but he’s only thrown the curveball five times and it’s been his best pitch of the season. He’s nothing more than an identical streamer at the moment as I need to see him start trusting the curve and possibly change before I see him get relied on regularly.

Flowing pitchers (<50% at CBS)

Jug of the day: none

There are some high risk options but nothing I can really trust.

High-Risk Options: Madison Bmgarner at ATL, Dean Kremer at CIN, James Kaprielen at CHW.

Jar of Tomorrow: Red Deuters vs. Tex

Detmers has been great since he got back from the palace and had a nice game.

High-Risk Options: Jake Jeunesse against CHC, Mitch Keeler against PHI, Glenn Otto in LAA, Drew Smiley in SF.

For those of you who would like to know how these shots work, I have a document I put together to track stats from recommended shooters. It does not include “high-risk options”.