QB Caleb Williams says Jordan Addison’s conversion unaffected by the lack of NIL

Jordan Addison It was a belated addition to the transfer gate late this spring, with the 2021 Pletnikov winner and former Pittsburgh WR landing with the USC Trojans team. Addison’s late addition to the transfer window raised a lot of questions about whether the NIL drove his decision, but Troy quarterback Caleb Williams hit it off on the spot at Pac-12 Media Day on Friday in Los Angeles. Williams said that although the two don’t know each other very well, they immediately connected.

“I didn’t really know him well” Williams said. “I knew about him, but I didn’t really know him well. But as soon as we started talking and trying to take him to USC, it was a click away. We walked out, got down to business, it was like we already had a connection, I had just thrown it in. It’s from Really easy to throw the ball, really easy goal to get the ball.”

“It wasn’t about NIL for Jordan. That was one of the biggest things people, NIL, talked about, and knew inside that it wasn’t. Jordan wants to win. Jordan wants to be the best recipient. And no offense to any other school. … With a wide receiver like him, I’d put this guy up against anyone. I mean, he’s a smart, smart, smart guy. He understood that. So we were really excited about this opportunity, and he was coming – no matter what.”

Much speculation has been raised about the amount of money in the NIL deal that Addison received to go to USC, but Williams said none of that lasted.

“No, we had some jokes about it once,” Williams said. “I think it was two or three million dollars or something and they put it in there and I was like, ‘What the heck?’ “We laughed about it.”

Addison comes off one of the best singles seasons in Pittsburgh history and, in addition to the Pletnikov Award, earned the unanimous first-team consensus across America with 1,593 yards and 17 touchdowns. He also set a record in Pittsburgh with 100 receptions in a single season. His relegation and receiving yard totals from last season ranked him second all-time, trailing only the legendary receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve worked hard throughout our career as coaches, and my career as a coach, to do things with integrity,” Lincoln Riley Friday said Allegations of tampering with Trojans regarding The acquisition of Edison. “I think we’ve done that pretty much throughout my career. I think if you ask the people who have been around us, who have been in the inner workings with us, they know how we do business. When someone challenges it without facts and just emotion, yeah, I mean, I think you take In person, you definitely do. I understand this is an emotional time, it’s an emotional game with a lot of emotional people. We recruited Jordan like we did every other transfer. Jordan entered the transfer gate. Jordan came on a visit to USC.

“Despite all the negative things magically thrown up by someone, he’s a kid who’s all about the ball. All he wanted to do on his entire official visit was talk ball. We literally missed out on so many meals, the entertainment we set out so we could watch More movies and more balls talking. That’s what it’s all about. I think he’s been misrepresented throughout this whole thing. Hopefully as this year goes by people will see the quality of the young man that he is. He’s done a great job for us so far. He’s been a great member of this team. He seems very happy to be in LA and play for USC.”

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USC opens its season on September 3 at home against Rice.