Kevin Smith: The Art of Productive Stoning

Kevin Smith. Such an ordinary name for such an extraordinary man. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been looking to him for comedy, podcasts, and comic books, while also admiring the acting and filmmaking of films like Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay, Silent Bob Strike Back, and the movie that started it all, Writers.

Kevin may have become wise later in life, but the wisdom he holds regarding this seems like a positive affirmation that we should all internalize. Turned to the use of cannabis for a higher benefit by his friend Seth Rogan, Kevin’s style of living a sober lifestyle gives us all the more reason to admire this common name of the multi-talented guy.

It comes on the heels of Comic-Con, and before Clerks 3 debuts September 13The tenthwe tried to get some spoilers (spoiler: we didn’t), we discussed the sweetest coins, and its strains with Caviar Gold, and cannabis was an ongoing topic in his life, even when it was just for show.

Have you ever sat there at Comic-Con and patted your head like, Oh my God, you did this?

Kevin Smith: Literally like. Revel is the right damn word. I’ve been going to Comic-Con since 95, and when I got there the dream was like, ‘This is where I want to make my admission. I want to be an integral part of this institution like Stan. This is worth the effort. Some people got lucky early, like I did in my career, and all they wanted to do was party, take drugs, have sex. All I wanted to do was become the king of Comic-Con. It took decades, and I don’t know if I’m the king, but I’m definitely the property of Comic-Con. So, I’m enjoying it because I’m thinking back to the conscious effort I made to get here. Kids today call him, “thirsty.” I’m sure the kids would also say this was embarrassing, but whatever. I enjoy it. Gross to admit!

Come on, I’ve put the work in. You deserve love.

I think it helps that it wasn’t obscene. Ben Affleck is world famous. I’ve seen this shit up close and it’s crazy. He goes to a mall and drowns. I go to Comic-Con and I can be with the general public. It really is about a series of knowledgeable smiles. I meet people who might not come like, I want to take a picture or can you sign this? Instead, they give you eye contact and then have a smile on their face. This is a great feeling. This means they associate me with some nice enough memories to give me a smile. I love this shit. This is the sweetest most ever spent currency in my world.

I started smoking weed very late in life. What kept you away from her? Nancy Reagan?

yes! This was it! I grew up in the “Just Say No” era when drugs were stigmatized. And that’s fine when you’re talking about cocaine or heroin, but they’ve stigmatized cannabis so hard. I had an internal prejudice since childhood that came with becoming a passenger. I was like, oh my God, you’re going to be one of those lazy people who eats food and watches TV. You made that commitment like, you obviously love this stoning, and at 38, he’s clearly doing something for you. If you’re going to do this, it’s Always It has to be related to productivity. So you can smoke, but you always have to get creative. Smoke, Podcast, Smoke, Film, Smoke, Write – Never smoke and watch things unless you’re watching something you’re editing. Sure, sometimes you need a little sniffing to invite joy. But kids, it’s not just for parties. It is for progress and productivity, removes inhibitions and allows you to think about dreams in a very real way.

Where did you adapt this “productivity only” mindset from?

Seth Rogen It turned me into a middle-aged stonemason. worked with him Zack and Mary making porn Seth is one of the most stoned people I have ever met. I might make it hit now though. He was always productive and even though he smoked weed, he wasn’t “the stereotype”. He was shooting my movie, shooting three funnier versions of my movie in the middle, working with his friend Evan Goldberg on a script he was working on after, after Zack and Mary. That man was building an empire and he introduced me to the idea of ​​”productive stones”. There’s a bunch of us in Hollywood who smoke weed and it’s over. Seth broke the stereotype so I decided to go ahead with her even though I had an internal bias like, ‘If you do, you’re fucking! I had to come to terms with him, and slowly I emerged as a stoner. Which is very strange because I made all the files Jay and Silent Bob Films that contain a lot of weeds. It wasn’t until I became stoned and watched all my movies again as I was, Currently I understand why veiled people love these movies!

Photography by Alan Amato

Hello! Let’s talk about caviar gold. The word about the city is very strong.

These knuckles will kick you out of the curse, but I’m getting them in my heart and lungs, several times a day. The brands I make with Caviar Gold are full of distilled periodically, and I’d give someone a detailed and three days later they’d be like, ‘Are you really taking me? Like, I should have warned you that it’s very high in THC. I was just a big fan and when we were making Jay and Silent Bob RebootThis is what I smoke exclusively. They did this “Caviar Challenge” where it was something like, smoke a caviar joint in 15 minutes and we’ll give you 1 kilo in the product. I’m not too rich to be like, no way! I accepted the challenge and failed, but then I met Caviar Mike through a friend and he is a genius. I sat down and said something like, in the movie Jay and Silent Bob We make three breeds of grass: Snoogans, Berzerker and Snootchie Boochies. I love your product, are you making cannabis for me? him too. We’ve been in business since 2019, the product is impressive, and it’s allowed us to roam around to get rid of legal cases to do fairs and stuff. It’s great for me because the herbs never really run out of me. It’s also great because when people come over, I can be like, Hey, I have a joint with my face!

Staying With Knuckles, In the trailer for Clerks 3, you and Jay bump into a giant donkey knuckle and I’m trying to imagine, how much weed?!

Raw makes those papers and props to Raw because they are not just a great stone company, they are one of the greatest American companies out there today. The man who runs it is a perfectionist and artist. Therefore, they made giant ass cones. Did they work? Their hands are a fucking job. is she wise Cannabis use? If you’re one of those people who grow and have access to copious amounts of weed, I’d say it’s a once in a lifetime party experience. Great visual for social media, and it was amazing to us. It sounded ridiculous like you were in the Willy Wonka Factory for Heaven. If you’re going to give it a try, I say keep it for a special occasion. A birthday or prom where you will have 30 people around you to trust. Talk about sectarian smoke!

To kind of rewrite everything for you.

You really changed my point of view. Allow me to put my heart on my sleeve. I was going to do the work but I felt like I had to be the “Kevin Smith” they thought they knew, or suspected I was based on the movies. When I go back to the old interviews, I just want to hit that kid. The whole world is a burden and he shows this indifference in an attempt to match the atmosphere of his first movie. But this first movie he made made him scale because it made all his damned dreams come true. How do you sit back and maintain that the world is a bad place when it isn’t? Because you and your friends have taken a step towards art, all of that has changed. This narrator is incredibly shy and anxious about what he has compiled. this is A storyteller is a novelist and understands that “a concern is interest paid up front on a debt that is never worth”. I stole it from David Mamet’s house Spanish prisoner, but this is absolutely true. I was really happy that being a stoner allowed me to be, me. Personally, in public, when I work or not.