Frederic Ecklund shares how laughter is the best medicine for business

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For nearly 20 years, Frederic Ecklund, Julia Spellman, and John Gomez have been young and hungry Client Validity-testing one of Frank Sinatra’s most famous lines: If you can get there, you will get anywhere; It’s up to you, New York, New York.

Frederic Ecklund | Douglas Elleman

With determination, perseverance and some luck, the three managed to rise to the top of the competition in the city. luxury real estate industry and create one of Douglas Elleman Best teams, Eklund Gomez.

“I think we’re very lucky, the three of us,” Eklund said with a megawatt smile as he sat next to his teammates at the fancy call stage on Tuesday. “Back in 20 years, when I first moved to New York – that’s my age – I was a beginner and didn’t know anyone.”

“But once I started doing deals, I realized it was a very aloof business. The highs are high and the lows are low.” I was alone because I left my family. So meeting John, then finally meeting Julia and they became close friends, and this partnership has allowed us to have a lot of fun, which I think is really the key to success in real estate.”

“Even this room looks very dangerous. It’s high pressure, big money, and these customers are crazy. If you can’t laugh, you will be bitter.”

Gomez and Spielman echo Eklund and point out that fun is a core value of their team, with each member dedicating time to creating playful moments in and out of the office. “Laughing at things makes everything so much easier,” Gomez said.

Although they certainly adhered to the idea that “laughter is the best medicine,” the three said their trip wasn’t all laughter.

Gomez, Spielman, and Eklund have helped each other through tough times, as Eklund struggles with the cost of leaving his family in Sweden to succeed in the States, while Gomez struggles to deal with the thorns of working as a novice.

“It’s kind of a marriage,” Ecklund said of choosing the right business partner. “It’s like winning the lottery if you get the right person, but it wasn’t easy. These are not easy things to do.”

Julia Spellman

Spellman was the last to join the group as her husband became a fan of Eklund during his time New York Million Dollar List.

“I was very drawn to them and I always saw them,” she said. “One of my favorite stories is that John actually took my first picture of Frederick and myself – it was of my husband [who] He was a huge fan of Frederick during the first season and they were very friendly.”

Gomez and Eklund, who are in love with Spielman, realized she was the missing piece of their team, and recruited her to become the sales director for one of their biggest projects.

“All that’s left is history,” Gomez said of Spelman, who is now CEO of their namesake team.

The three said their seamless collaboration has enabled them to grow Eklund Gomes beyond their dreams, with the launch of Eklund REAL, an app that helps real estate agents and clients connect via curated Instagram-style listing feeds.

“We’re in a really good place right now,” Ecklund said of the beta app launch and his team’s $4.6 billion turnover last year.

Although Eklund Gomes’ team is jumping high, Spillman said none of them take its success for granted, especially as the market heads into a precarious time filled with uncertainty. With that in mind, she said, the team is focused on maintaining a diversified business track record that will deliver results even in a market slowdown.

“I think one of the things that is very different from the business of a lot of agents, and we talked about this early on, is the new development,” she said. “This makes our pipeline very different from the traditional resale business.”

“Opening and closing happen very quickly [and] The pipeline business for these developments, she added, is a bit like the gift that keeps on giving.” “So this year, while it might be a bit difficult to hold those numbers, we have some great projects in Los Angeles in New York that are now closing and will keep those numbers healthy.” Incredibly for us.”

John Gomez

In addition to supporting their pipelines with various business opportunities, Gomez, Spielman and Ecklund said they are also supporting their pipelines with opportunities for fun and reflection, including team trips to Italy and Miami.

“I feel the key stages in our career as a team have come during a market shift, and market shifts create opportunities to take a closer look at yourself and your business and ask, ‘Where do I want to be?’ Gomez said.

“I think this is just a pause in the market; he just couldn’t continue down that path – I think it’s been 18 straight months of breaking records one by one.” “But it gives us a chance to say how I can really go to the next step.”

Finally, encourage the three agents to think of themselves outside their careers and ensure that they are happy not only with their careers but with their lives and who they have become.

“I feel like I wasted so many years trying to be what my customers want,” Gomez said. But spend more time with [Spillman and Eklund] Allows me to be unabashed. So just focus on being yourself and having fun.”

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