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Examine CBSE Class 12 Physics Sensible Syllabus for Session 2022-2023. Obtain the checklist of experiences and initiatives right here with the evaluation define for the present tutorial session.

Sensible Operations and Venture Work for CBSE Class 12 kind an vital a part of the CBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus. Each sensible and investigative initiatives carry 30 marks on the annual board examination rating. The speculation paper can be performed for 70 marks. Due to this fact, college students ought to pay correct consideration to sensible and challenge work specializing in the theoretical a part of CBSE Class 12 Physics. Now we have supplied under CBSE Class 12 in Sensible Physics and Venture Syllabus 2022-2023 in PDF. Evaluate the total syllabus, verify the sensible evaluation define and study experiences and challenge work to be achieved within the present tutorial session.

Take a look at the sensible CBSE Class 12 syllabus 2022-2023 under:

Score Scheme:

Time – 3 hours max. Marx – 30

Two experiments, one from every part

7 + 7 Marx

my work file [experiments and activities]

5 marks

One exercise from any part

3 marks

investigative challenge

3 marks

FIFA on the experiences, actions and challenge

5 marks

the whole

30 Marx


Part A

1. To find out the resistance of two wires / three wires by plotting a graph of the distinction of voltage versus present.

2. To search out the resistance of a given wire/commonplace resistor utilizing a bridge meter.

3. To verify the resistance group (collection) legal guidelines utilizing a bridge meter.


To verify the legal guidelines of the summation (parallel) of resistors utilizing a meter bridge.

4. To find out the resistance of the galvanometer by the half-skew technique and discover the character of its galvanometer.

5. To transform the required galvanometer (of identified resistance and type of benefit) to a voltmeter of the required vary and verify it.


To transform the required galvanometer (of identified resistance and type of benefit) to an ammeter of the required vary and verify it.

6. To search out the frequency of alternating present with an audio meter.


1. To measure the impedance and resistance of an inductor with or with out an iron core.

2. To measure resistance, voltage (AC / DC) and present (AC) and verify the continuity of a given circuit utilizing a multimeter.

3. To assemble a family circuit of three bulbs, three switches (on / off), a fuse and an influence provide.

4. To assemble parts of a specific electrical circuit.

5. To review the variation in voltage drop with wire size for a relentless present.

6. To plot a given open circuit diagram comprising no less than a battery, a resistor/rheostat, a swap, an ammeter and a voltmeter. Choose the unconnected parts within the right order and proper the circuit in addition to the circuit diagram.

oath b


1. To search out the worth of v for various values ​​of u within the case of a concave mirror and to seek out the focal size.

2. To search out the focal size of a convex mirror utilizing a convex lens.

3. To search out the focal size of a convex lens by drawing graphs between u and v or between 1/u and 1/v.

4. To search out the focal size of a concave lens utilizing a convex lens.

5. To find out the minimal deflection angle for a given prism by drawing a graph between the angle of incidence and the angle of deflection.

6. To find out the refractive index of a plate glass utilizing a shifting microscope.

7. To search out the refractive index of a liquid utilizing a convex lens and a aircraft mirror.

8. To search out the refractive index of a liquid utilizing a concave mirror and a aircraft mirror.

9. To plot the attribute IV curve of a pn-junction diode in ahead and reverse bias.


1. To pick out a diode, an LED, a resistor, and a capacitor from a blended group of those components.

2. Use a multimeter to seek out out the unidirectional move of present within the case of a diode and a valve and verify whether or not an digital part (equivalent to a diode) is working or not.

3. To review the impact of sunshine depth (by altering the gap of the supply) on the LDR.

4. Observe the refraction and lateral deflection of a beam of sunshine falling not directly on a glass plate.

5. To watch the deflection of sunshine because of the skinny slit.

6. Examine the character and dimension of the picture shaped by a

(i) Convex lens, or

(ii) Concave mirror, on a display screen utilizing a candle and a display screen (completely different distances of the candle from the lens/mirror).

7. To acquire a lens group with the required focal size utilizing two lenses from the required lens group.

Recommend investigation initiatives:

1. To review the varied components on which the inner resistance / electromagnetic fields of a cell relies upon.

2. Examine of adjustments in present flowing in a circuit containing an LDR on account of a distinction in

(a) The facility of the incandescent lamp, used to light up the LDR (maintain all lamps at a relentless distance).

(b) The gap of the incandescent lamp (of fixed energy) used to light up the LDR.

3. To search out the refractive indices of (a) water (b) oil (clear) utilizing a aircraft mirror, a convex lens (made from glass with a identified refractive index) and an adjustable physique needle.

4. Investigation of the connection between the ratio

(i) Output and enter voltage and

(2) The variety of turns within the secondary winding and first winding of a self-designed transformer.

5. To verify the dependence of the angle of deflection on the angle of incidence utilizing a hole prism crammed one after the other with completely different clear fluids.

6. To estimate the cost induced on every of two similar styrofoam spheres (or core) suspended in a vertical aircraft by making use of Coulomb’s legislation.

7. To review the issue on which the self-inductance of a coil relies upon by observing the impact of this coil, when positioned in collection with a resistor / (bulb) in a circuit fed by an alternating present supply with an adjustable frequency.

8. Examine of the Earth’s magnetic area utilizing compass bar magnets by drawing magnetic area traces and galvanometer tangent.

Described ebook:

Physics Lab Handbook for Class XII printed by NCERT.

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