Celebrities are starting to not cancel

Two years ago, Lea Michele looked almost unemployed.

The “Glee” star was ‘canceled’ in June 2020 after she tweeted in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, former star Samantha Weir, who is a black woman, She replied that Michelle was a bully on the set. Ware wrote on Twitter in capital letters, “I think you told everyone that if you had the opportunity you would
‘T’s in my wig!’ “

Other actors “Glee” Accusations piled up of cruelty, which prompted Michelle to apologize on Instagram for her mean behavior. But the damage was done. Like so many canceled celebrities, she set off for metaphorical Siberia…never to be seen again…

Until September of this year, when the “Spring Awakening” actress, 35, will take on the lead role of Fanny Price in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl.

One Academy Award voter said fans are ready to forgive, forget, and enjoy the show. “Deep down everyone knows that many of their favorite stars through the ages may have been hole punches, and so it seems like this is something people can get over for the show.”

Once canceled, Lea Michele returns to the spotlight in Broadway’s Funny Girl.
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Does this mean that the Great Cancellation is upon us?

Hollywood and Broadway sources have told The Post that VIPs are fighting backstage over how to bring back stars who have a messy past who were sent to the glamorous glue factory. Who is refundable? Who does not? Has enough time passed since the news? Does the public care about paying anymore?

“We definitely see those guilty of lower behavior starting to crawl out of hibernation,” an industry source said of the changing landscape. “They’re off the ground again. But will they be able to fly again? We’ll see.”

The direction extends from coast to coast.

James Franco
James Franco will star in a new movie called “I, You” after several years of not acting.
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The Hollywood Reporter revealed this month that James Franco, who was accused by five women of sexual misconduct in 2018 at the height of the #MeToo movement, will also Back to acting in a new movie It’s called “I, you”.

When his comeback was announced, the reaction was… almost non-existent.

Two years ago, that relative silence would have shocked us. The man was an outcast. In a lawsuit in 2019Two of Franco’s acting students alleged that he “sought to create a group of young women who were subjected to personal and professional sexual exploitation in the name of education”. Franco, now 44 years old Settlement with them for $2.2 millionHe was not charged with a crime.

Countless stories and columns have been written about the scandal, and it features prominently in the new documentary The Dark Side of Hollywood”Body parts. Everyone — and I mean everyone — wrote Franco off as over, but whether you like it or not, he’s back.


James Franco in a scene from
James Franco (right) has starred in such major films as “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.
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One of Hollywood’s top dogs says Franco will not return to his former heights by appearing in support pillars like “Spider-Man” or “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” “These people are getting terrible jobs,” they said. “Nothing like what they had at all.”

From Michelle, a Broadway source said that before her controversy, the actress didn’t come second willingly Benny FeldsteinWhich originated the role of Fanny in the revival.

“Lea was expecting to open the song Funny Girl,” they said. “Maybe it should be.”

However, these waning stars are no longer in hiding. And no one seems to mind. The public’s appetite for cancellation has waned thanks to COVID-19, crime, inflation, and the millions of other storms we face simultaneously. The standard of denial has risen. sharply.

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey will go to trial for sexual assault in the UK next year.
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Some non-negotiable offenses are obvious: Sexual offenses and harassment, for example, cannot be tolerated.

Actor Kevin Spacey is the most famous example. The Oscar winner will be on trial for sexual assault in the UK next year (He pleaded not guilty) And unless his name is cleared, he continues to take responsibility for the film studios. Yes, Spacey has a low-budget Italian movie on his way to co-star Faye Dunaway, who, As reported by my colleague Michael RiddleShe’s had her share of backstage meltdowns. But is there a new “house of cards” in the cards? I do not think so.

Meanwhile, Louis CK’s cancellation was quickly rescinded even though he had creepy masturbate in front of female staff who didn’t get into it. His second chance is undeserved. Oh you should earn a profit, but Lewis should sign Cayman to share time with Armie Hammer – someone else who doesn’t deserve a second chance.

However, a second look at the lapses of judgment must be taken.

Matt Damon came under fire last year for Stupidly reveals during an interview That he didn’t know the “f” was gay slander, he admitted he used it at the family dinner table. The stupid star apologized and miraculously avoided cancellation. Good. It is not a crime to be a moron.

And in February, when Whoopi Goldberg erroneously asserted on “The View” that the Holocaust “was not about race,” commented – Not fired. This was the correct connection. She said sorry and learned from her mistake.

Attitude issues shouldn’t be grounds for removal from the planet either.

Broadway sources say Michelle has no pleasure working with her, but I would say if she sells tickets, she sells tickets. Chrissy Teigen Sent Letters To Teen Stars To “Kill Themselves”, And It Still Exists And Gets Nice Graffiti About her year of sobriety. I say if she sells cookbooks, she sells cookbooks.

“The dust is calming and a new form of order is emerging,” an industry source added. “And with her some talented ones.”