Amber Portwood speaks after losing custody of son; She says she is ‘heartbroken’ and her daughter Leah is ‘broken’ by the judge’s decision – Ashley reality report

“Andrew must be in a gelatinous state for this!”

Amber Portwood He breaks her silence after the news broke out I lost legal custody of her four-year-old son James and that a judge decided that the boy could be moved to California by his father, Andrew Glennon.

Amber defended herself in a series of Instagram comments posted on Wednesday before she finally issued a statement via Instagram on Thursday. She also revealed how her 13-year-old daughter Leah (with whom she shares Gary Shirley) deals with the decision to allow her half-brother to move from her across the country.

as such ashley Previously mentioned, A judge ruled earlier this month That Andrew would allow him to move James to California, where Andrew lived before meeting Amber.

Although Amber fought Andrew’s transfer proposal and complied with all of her probation requirements, the judge decided that James could be transferred. Andrew was given legal and primary physical custody of the boy, but Amber was to be visited in both California and her home state of Indiana.

distance Tweet embed An Instagram page posted the judge’s decision, and Amber defended herself against her haters, who criticized Amber Leah’s paternity. She revealed that Leah – who is very close to James – is sad that he is leaving.

“Lea and I have a great relationship today and it’s broken. Whoa!” Amber said to one person.

“I did everything I needed to do including treatment every week as well as adjusting the medications. I was and still are [am] Mentally stable for years now,” Amber told another commentator. “…This is tragic and my son is the one who suffers the most when our lives are torn apart.

And she continued, “…I’m not going to be nice about this situation anymore because none of this is okay.” “If you change and stabilize and stabilize yourself, that counts. This is a loss for all mothers who are changing for peace and love in their children’s lives…and just because they can be uprooted after years of struggling for something.”

Amber claimed that James – who previously had three non-night visits per week – would be confused with the new custody arrangement and moved.

Amber argued, “This boy absolutely adores me and I’ve built beautiful relationships with my children today and am very present in their lives.” “This is not a win for my son at all. I pray to God and for his grief and confusion.”

Andrew remained relatively silent about the decision, only to say e! NewsWe endured the nightmare, and now we are living the dream.

“See you in Cali, Portwood! Time to go live with my mom! “

In her statement posted on Instagram on Thursday, Amber likened the situation to a nightmare and said she was “broken and heartbroken by this outcome”.

“[I’ll] Never stop fighting for my kids who I love more than anything else. “I have been living in a nightmare for a long time trying to prove myself. I would not wish this unbearable pain to any mother or father.”

“I have worked hard to improve myself and improve my relationships with my children,” she said earlier in the statement. “…I’ve spent years rebuilding bridges and have done everything that was required of me, including completing 21 negative drug tests and multiple psychiatric assessments.”

As the Ashley newspaper previously reported, Amber will ask to travel to California Every two months to get her visited with James. (Andrew is responsible for bringing James to Indiana in the alternating months of visits.) The new nursery plan will be rolled out in phases to help James adjust, with Amber making nighttime visits with the boy for the first time since 2019.

the sun I mentioned on Thursday The judge stated that she took into account several things when issuing her ruling. According to court papers obtained by the outlet, the judge wrote that Amber had a former gang member bring her marijuana and pain medication while she was pregnant with James. She stated that Amber admitted to using marijuana during her pregnancy, and that James was born with THC in his system.

“The DCS investigation began after the baby was born. chin [Child In Need of Services] Documents mentioned, to me the sun.

After Amber posted her statement on Instagram, she received some encouraging words from her “Teen Mom OG” co-star, Catelyn Lowell.

“Love you. I love you. I wrote in the comments section of Amber’s post.” He needs you in his life and what they decided was so wrong on so many levels… You know your truth and all the hard work you put in. Don’t let anyone make you think differently. I’m here for you always and forever.”

It is not known if Amber’s custody court battle will be covered in the next season of Little Mom: The Next Chapter.

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