Italian Scholarship – Conditions, application procedures, and admission stages


The Italian Government Scholarship is a scholarship available to study any of the disciplines available within Italian universities for master’s and doctoral degrees – Italian Language Sciences and Civilization.

In the following lines, we will learn about all the important details related to the Italian scholarship, as well as the application procedures and the stages that the student goes through until he is accepted into the scholarship program

Scholarship identification card
Here are the basic things you should know about this free educational opportunity.

  • Location: Italy
  • Participating universities: Italian Universities
  • Study level: Masters – Ph.D. – Italian Language and Civilization Sciences – Research
  • Available Study Programs: All study programs available in different Italian universities
  • Scholarship Type: Full Scholarship
  • Application deadline: June 12 of each year
  • Study language: English or Italian
  • Scholarship link: Official directory to scholarship website.

Italy has many universities, some of which are very old, especially the University of Bologna, which was founded in 1088, and is the oldest in the world.

Most of the universities in Italy are supported by the state. Italy has amazing achievements in all sciences as a result of its distinguished education system.

Italy proudly maintains the highest rate of academic publications in research journals of excellence in Europe, focusing on biology, natural sciences, physics, pharmacology, medicine, mathematics, and computer science.

Italian researchers and professors are highly regarded and employed in the most famous international universities.

Grant funders and founders
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) of the Italian Government.

Its goal is to strengthen international cooperation at the technological, scientific, and cultural level, to strengthen Italian culture and language, and to support the Italian economic system in the world.

Applicants that are eligible for this scholarship

All students from the countries shown in this link on the official scholarship website are eligible to apply.

It includes several countries in the MENA region such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Palestine, Sudan, Morocco, and Algeria.

You can confirm the presence of your country by looking at the countries mentioned in the previous link.

The scholarship requires that the applicant fulfills all the conditions of academic qualifications and age (not more than 28 years for a master’s and 30 years for a doctorate).

What does the scholarship cover?
Exemption of scholarship holders from paying registration fees and tuition fees following the university’s policy.

Scholarship recipients will receive a monthly stipend of €900 which will be disbursed quarterly and deposited into their Italian bank account.

Health and medical insurance for the duration of the grant.

Documents required for application
The documents required to apply for the scholarship include:

School and university certificates translated and certified

Transcript of academic grades for the different academic levels (high school – bachelor’s – master)
Language Proficiency Certificate
Undergraduate admission to a university (it is allowed to apply for the first stage without it, but it must be submitted in the second stage)
motivation message

Two letters of recommendation from two academic professors

Submission procedures and subsequent stages
The application begins by filling in the electronic application on the scholarship website (the application link is renewed every year, so it is obtained from the scholarship website annually).

After filling out the application, the required files are attached.

After this stage, the submitted applications will be evaluated, and the nominated students will be contacted in the first stage.

Interviews with candidates are conducted online
Announcing accepted students and sending grant certificates.

Apply for a visa by communicating with the Italian embassy in the applicant’s country (the visa fee is 50 euros, paid in the local currency)

Xandertech Tips
Requirements may change from year to year, so it is preferable to always return to the updated scholarship announcement

The applicant has the right to apply to a maximum of two or three universities as part of the scholarship application.

Before choosing a university, make sure that you have university admission, or at least the application for university admission is still valid.

Sometimes the scholarship website suffers from great pressure in the last few days to apply, so it is preferable to apply as soon as all requirements are met
Some universities require a fee for university admission ranging from €20 – €100.



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