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Five Jobs in Canada That You Can Get Without Experience


Although it may not be very simple, looking for a job in Canada is not impossible. However, a common misperception is that having Canadian experience is required to obtain employment in Canada. Of course, this might be true in certain circumstances, but not always. Here are 5 careers that don’t require you to have previous work experience in Canada.


1.  Home Care Aid 

If you’re someone who enjoys providing daily care for sick or elderly people, you might want to consider becoming a home care aide in Canada. One of the jobs in Canada with the highest demand and the lowest response rate is this one. You can make $11 per hour working as a home health aide. A valid driver’s licence and, in some situations, a certification are a few items you might need for this employment.



2. Real Estate Agent

It is a requirement in this nation that you complete a 60-hour course before you can operate as a real estate agent. However, it is not necessary to have prior work experience in this industry or in Canada. As a real estate agent in Canada, you might make an average salary of $51,879 depending on your contacts and business methods. The agents here typically work on a commission basis, therefore there are no restrictions on earnings.


3. Customer Service Representative

The position of a customer service representative is another that is ideal for those who enjoy interacting with others. The Canadian business will probably want you to complete training or an internship before working there. You don’t need to make any further preparations aside from that. Friendly disposition, effective communication skills, a willingness to work as a team, and an optimistic outlook are just a few of the attributes that are essential for this position. The typical pay for this position is $30,688.


4. Medical Assistant

An average medical assistant income is $33,719 per year. The occupation may be a good fit for folks who enjoy working in a medical office or hospital setting. You can choose the position that best suits your skills as a medical assistant, from engaging with patients to responding to inquiries at the front desk. The prospects and compensation packages you can receive in the future will improve as you gain more expertise. This career offers a lot of opportunity to succeed in life, from a junior assistant role to a senior one.

Such positions, which don’t require prior Canadian experience, are simple to find elsewhere in Canada.


5. Public Relations Assistant

For extroverts who enjoy receiving attention and interacting with a variety of people, this position is ideal. It’s interesting to note that younger individuals are more sought after in this field. This is so that specialists can shape them to fit their standards. Strong writing and communication abilities are among the qualities that a successful public relations assistant must possess. The typical compensation for a publicity assistant is $45,498.


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